We're a civic technology lab working to strengthen democratic processes by creating digital tools that support free and fair elections, open governance, and fact-based public policy.

What We Do

We combine emerging technologies with policy expertise in order to tackle weaknesses in our democratic processes that are difficult to address with traditional tools.

We are citizens who became deeply concerned about the state of transparency and accountability in our democracy. So we decided to do what we know best—using technology in order to effect change as a systems-level enabler. That’s why we’re leveraging cutting-edge techniques in order to make it easy to discover bad actors and better respond when free and fair elections, open governance, and fact-based public policy are threatened.

Emerging Technologies

We use techniques from network analysis, natural language processing, and the broader corpus of machine learning, distributed computing, and computational social science in order to create the backend for our tools.

Policy Expertise

We design the frontend of our tools around specific policy applications and partner with external organizations in order to create practical findings. Our extendable platform can be readily repurposed to tackle issues in different geographies.

How We Do It

We ingest disjointed data sources, transform the information into a knowledge graph, build interactive tools that generate actionable insights, and partner with external organizations for implementation.
Ingest Data

We start by crawling the internet for freeform text that’s relevant to politics and democracy. This includes but is not limited to news articles, fact checks, social media mentions, political donors, proposed policies, and information about candidates and elections.

Create Graph

Next, we extract the entities and narratives from the text and build out a network of nodes and edges based on both explicit and implicit relationships. Our graph also includes useful metadata that can later be used to narrow down queries.

Find Insights

We then build interactive tools that allow our team, everyday citizens, activists, researchers, journalists, political actors, and governmental organizations to generate actionable insights using a guided walkthrough or one of our analysis templates.

Engage Partners

Finally, we develop custom deep dives, implementation plans, and monitoring and evaluation frameworks with external partners who align with our mission to support free and fair elections, open governance, and fact-based public policy.