White Papers

These white papers discuss the challenges underpinning our mission and how we can use technology to strengthen democratic processes.
Deconstructing the Public Policy Process

Laws, regulations, and government programs underpin the lives of everyday citizens, but the methods through which they are created remain opaque to the average person.

State-Sponsored Malign Influence Operations

Free and fair elections are foundational to functional democracies. However, governments have historically sought to influence the outcomes of elections in other countries.

Loopholes in Political Advertising Regulations

Well-informed voters depend on honest disclosures in order to understand who is financing candidates, but campaigns are often able to skirt the rules.

Detecting Malicious Information Campaigns

Traditional marketing has been supplanted by sophisticated, ultra-coordinated multi-channel information campaigns, but watchdog organizations are just beginning to catch up.

Voter Profiling in the Social Media Age

Political strategists have always used data-driven insights to strengthen campaigns, but social media has created datasets of unprecedented size that are being used to hyper-target individuals.

Emerging Technologies for Citizen Outreach

Combating disinformation starts with understanding which citizens are being reached and developing targeted responses. However, constituent outreach tools have remained largely the same over the years.